Did you know That Lots of common household Things bring formaldehyde into Our houses? Formaldehyde exposure is an unbelievable threat to our health. Exposure can lead to lung, nose, eye, and throat discomfort, in addition to lung and nasopharyngeal cancer. Additionally, it may lead to cancer on your pets. EPA calls formaldehyde a likely human carcinogen.

So what sorts of household things bring formaldehyde to your property?

1. Nail Polish.

Nail polish utilizes formaldehyde as a preservative Along with a hardener. Pick nail polishes which are water-based and formaldehyde free.

2. Various hair solutions.

Formaldehyde is not uncommon in ahir products. Start Looking for the components: Avoid at any cost. Ask questions about the ingredients in the salon.

3. Common bedding. Which can’t be washed off.

4. Kids plastic dishware, toys.

Children plastic dishware and toys include formaldehyde. Start Looking for ones Others aren’t safe for microwave use or for kids.
5. Air fresheners.

If You desire a more pleasant odor in your house, use soy candles, scatter Baking soda, or only open a window up.