McDonald’s Japan consenting to a client after they discovered Pieces of plastic in an arrangement of the Chicken McNuggets. Consequently, McDonald’s has attracted a million McNuggets in the mill. Another consumer found a slice of vinyl inside their McNuggets.

This is not even the oddest thing seen in McDonald’s food. Only last August, a consumer in Osaka whined after locating a bit of an individual tooth in their own french fries sequence. Yuck!

McDonald’s continues to be having some poultry problems however. Last July, McDonald’s needed to close down its poultry provider in China following the firm started mixing new chicken with died poultry meat, which makes it a potentially fatal health hazard for customers.

Stories such as these have contributed to a 10% fall in McDonald’s earnings only in the previous year, based on CNN. McDonald’s is hoping to smooth it with giveaways, discounts, and fresh nuggets made from tofu. Interesting.

1 thing is for certain, as stories such as this surface, individuals start to understand the worth of great, local, organic food.