It seems kind of weird, right? Why freeze your lemons? Well first, let’s talk about why you should incorporate lemons into your diet in the first place.

For starters, the true nutritional benefit of the lemon is in its peels. The peels contain 5-10 times more vitamins than simply the lemon juice, and the peel is the part we throw away! Lemon peels help rid our bodies of toxic junk, provide tons of vitamin C to keep your immune cells fighting fit, and some studies have shown lemons to prevent cancer.

Lemons also have anti-microbial effects against infections both fungal and bacterial. They may also be effective at removing internal parasites and worms. Lemons are like little scrubbers for your insides.

So, they detox the body, help prevent cancer, and keep the immune system strong. Why freeze them?

Well, by freezing them, it’s easier to incorporate them into your diet. A frozen lemon is easily grated and added to a smoothie without the normally bitter flavor of the peels. It can also help maintain the nutritional value of the lemon longer and prevent them from spoiling. Of course, be sure to wash your lemons before you put them in the freezer to scrub any pesticides or dirt from their surface.

Enjoy those frozen lemons!

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